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10/05/2020 2:31 pm  #1

Thoughts from a nervous introvert

As a committed introvert, I surprised myself a bit by wanting to launch this message board. Shortly after the pandemic forced us all to shelter in place, I suggested the idea to our EFJ board and received support and sanction to create it. But I wrestled with identifying a format and topics that might reflect the interests and needs of our community, which is why the roll-out took some time. My hope is that while the pandemic keeps us apart, this simple website can become a virtual gathering place, a hub of communication where we seek and share wisdom, insights, ideas, and meaning as we transit together through these epic and challenging times.

Every day I search for something meaningful to help me cope with the chaos and uncertainty that defines these times. It's hard to keep my personal shadow in check, hard to contain my fear and my outrage. To deal with my anxiety, I often search for readings by Jung or Jungians to help me stay grounded and not feel crazy. Sometimes I stumble upon a really good scholarly paper, like the one I linked in "Interesting Readings" called "Our Positive Disintegration" (highly recommended). Sometimes Buddhist wisdom reminds me to breathe and to let go. When I find newly soothing and centering bits of wisdom and insight, I often want to share them, I guess for validation, to ask, “Do you feel like I feel?” I want to hear how others are coping, what others find meaningful and soothing and centering. I hope this message board can be a place where everyone feels welcomed and safe to share worries, wisdom, and insight, and, if needed, comfort and connection with friends old and new.

So you will see my name on lots of posts as we get this message board going, but that only means I got here first and I'm trying to get it started. I hope you will share your thoughts, worries, puzzlement....whatever you've got! Lets try to keep it apolitical, although given the wild spirit of these times it seems inevitable that some political commentary may be relevant or even integral to the discussion. I know for myself our national drama is an ever-present concern these days. I look forward to waking up one morning NOT worried about what happened overnight! So if you need to share thoughts or writings that lean into politics, please be self reflective about it. Attend to the Shadow that Jung said is humanity's most important work, perhaps the hardest work of all.

If you've read this far, thanks! And since this thread is a "how are you" thread, I'll say I'm doing ok, some days better than others, but my husband and I are healthy and safe and we have all that we need. How about you?
/blessings to all, with hugs
Gina Edwards
EFJ board secretary


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